Friday, May 11, 2007

All about Skin diseases

ACNE Acne vulgarisАcne - disease of sebaceous glands or hair follicles also name Hypersecretion of sebaceous glands seborrhea. Acne eruption ( blackheads or camedongenicity) - the phenomenon, characteristic not only for youthful age. Acne can appear and at adults, more often it is a marker of the some people with endocrine diseases, pathologies of ootheca at women. There are even spots at sportsmen accepting anabolic steroids, especially it is characteristic for body builders. Also allocate exogenetic pimples- у developing on seborrhoeic zones owing to hit for skin of the substances possessing camedongenic effect.

Eczema can appear distinct from the person to the person, it is characterized by dry, red, extremely itching sites on skin more often. Eczema it is sometimes mentioned " as the itch is a rash, " as the itch when it is scratched, leads to occurrence of a rash. Eczema meets on any part of a body; however, at babies, eczema it is typical meets on a forehead, cheeks, forearms, legs{foots}, and a neck. In children and adults, eczema typically meets on the face, a neck, and interiors of elbows, and anklebones. In some people, eczema can "bubble up" and ooze. In others, the status can seem more scaly, dry, and red. The chronic scratching reasons the skin to take a leathery structure, because the skin thickens lichenification

Contact dermatitis .Distinguish acute and chronic contact dermatitis. Acute dermatitis arises right after contact with irritator and disappears after the discontinuance of influence irritator. The chronic form of dermatitis develops after repeated contacts, proceeds for a long time, proceeds with aggravations. Contact dermatitis causes a lot chemical and physical irritators (solvents, acids and alkalis, substances of some plants (a nettle, hog weed) detergents, friction, pressure, beam and temperature influences.

Allergy .The allergy - widespread enough disease and, considering frequent questions of patients, has arisen necessity to tell more in detail about this disease and about our methods of treatment. The allergy is the increased sensitivity of an organism various substances - to the allergens, shown symptoms of allergic disease. Up to 25 % of the population of industrial areas suffers any allergic disease. The number of cases of an allergy and its weight steadily grows all over the world. To numerous allergens concern: household (a house dust, ) epidermal (fur and a wool of animals, feathers, scales of fishes), allergens of poison of insects, food, medicinal, infectious, industrial, pollen. Clinical displays are rather various also a degree of weight depends on many reasons. Systems of an organism can practically be involved in all pathological process.
Causation skin diseases and psoriasis it is poorly studied and unknown. The reason of occurrence is the raised sensitivity of skin as a result of which it inadequately reacts to the most various exogen and endogen influences. Original causes of disease are stresses, diseases endocrine systems, illnesses of a gastro enteric path, a liver, a pancreas, dysbacterioses, and also allergic diseases.

Seborrhoea (an armour. Sebum - fat,) - a pathological status of skin at which sebaceous glands allocate increased on comparison with norm amount of skin oil of the changed chemical compound. Changes of a chemical compound it is usually expressed in reduction of the contents of no saturated oil acids that leads to decrease in bactericidal properties of skin oil.


United said...

Hi there,

You're doing a good job nice blog btw. I've been suffering with psoriasys for the lest 22 years. Do you have any information and update on a new treatment ?

Wayne Whitehead

Amir said...

This is very likable as well as value able post about some common skin disease like acne and eczema etc. The patients of these disease have to suffer with great stress due to their appearence and these physical disease become a cause of mental disorder. this is a fact that skin disease like eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo etc hard affect the appearence and beauty of a person.