Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Psoriasis treatment.

The phototherapy is use-ultra-violet beams (290-320 nanometers) for treatment of skin diseases. Usually treatment is spent in clinic though sometimes patients spend treatment independently, getting the equipment -room , equipped by lamps. Sessions are spent 2-5 times to a week, their duration gradually increases before clarification of a skin, at absence of irritation from previous treatment.
The most frequent indications to phototherapy - psoriasis, various forms of dermatitis and pink deprive. By-effects of phototherapy - burns as solar, burns of a cornea (if to not use goggles). At simultaneous local application smooth preparations and tar there is a risk of occurrence irritation of follicle.

Oily skin care

That cleaning was more effective, before it the skin can be wiped lotion (containing spirit), Concentration depends on type of a skin. At a oily skin it is possible to not plant substances containing spirit water. At a dry and normal skin their concentration should be much weaker.

If the skin very oily after clarification it is necessary to rinse face with the acidified water. At presence blackheads- to put preparations with antibacterial action (antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action of external application).

Each 5-7 days it is recommended to do masks, it is possible on an albuminous or barmy basis on 15 mines, then to wash off (for example, the shaken up fiber plus some drops of juice of a lemon with the subsequent rinsing with cold water). For deep clarification spend procedure preparations of a skin with the subsequent cleaning hands.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Adult acne

Adult acne appears after 30 years which occurs for 1 of these reasons:
1. During pregnancy
2. Acne may appear for the first time in a person who had never previously had acne.
3. .Recurrence of acne that cleared up after adolescence
Acne that appears for the first time in adulthood should be examined by a dermatologist who can investigate the cause of acne .There are a few causes of adult acne:
· Medication. Some medications can include anabolic steroids some anti-epileptic preparations, the anti-tuberculosis medications for example ionized, lithium and iodine-containing medications can help appearing of acne.
· Chronic physical pressure on your skin. Some straps of backpack which are made of bad quality materials can cause chronic physical pressure on your skin may induce a condition like acne mechanica.
· Industrial chemicals. These may induce the occupational skin disorder. As you know chemicals very harmful for the skin.
· Metabolic conditions. Changes of hormonal balance, like pregnancy, menstruation can induce acne very progressive in some cases.
However, some irritations or inflammation of some organs in our body can also induce acne.
Adult acne often difficult to treat because of their multiple recurrences. A lot of patients with severe recurrent acne have undergone repeated courses of treatment with the potent systemic drug isotretinoin.
Anyway, any acne types should be examined and treated by a dermatologist.