Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oily skin care

That cleaning was more effective, before it the skin can be wiped lotion (containing spirit), Concentration depends on type of a skin. At a oily skin it is possible to not plant substances containing spirit water. At a dry and normal skin their concentration should be much weaker.

If the skin very oily after clarification it is necessary to rinse face with the acidified water. At presence blackheads- to put preparations with antibacterial action (antibiotics of a wide spectrum of action of external application).

Each 5-7 days it is recommended to do masks, it is possible on an albuminous or barmy basis on 15 mines, then to wash off (for example, the shaken up fiber plus some drops of juice of a lemon with the subsequent rinsing with cold water). For deep clarification spend procedure preparations of a skin with the subsequent cleaning hands.

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Charry said...

ti u menya umnisa!molodes
anquvcha!ya mnogoye uznala u tebay!