Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Microdrmabrasion - the dosed out peeling, polishing, drawing on the skin under pressure of fine abrasive particles (hydrooxides of aluminium) with one-stage suction a powder and epidermic cells with vacuum system. Microcrystals of hydrooxides of aluminium beat out the particles of epidermis and stimulate updating epithelium. Allocate three degrees of influence on epidermis: light, average, strong.

At a light degree of influence there is a superficial clarification epidermic a layer of the skin from horn substance. At average - influence by microcrystals is carried out on deeper layers of epidermis. Due to bombardment of skin in epidermis microwells through which the intercellular liquid rises upwards are formed and is allocated for a surface of skin. Strong influence by hydrooxides of aluminium - involving in process basis layer.

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