Saturday, May 12, 2007

How to treat Moles?

Mole (nevus) - represent the congestions limited on the area nevus cells with a pigment which are formed as a result of local infringement of synthesis and an exchange of melanin. As a rule, they flat or slightly acting above skin, smooth, are sometimes covered by hair, appear in the childhood and a youth. The long irradiation rodinok a ultraviolet (long intensive sunburn) is fraught with their regeneration in melanomu (the extremely dangerous malignant disease with early and plural metastasis.

Unique radical way of treatment moles, warts and papillomas is their full removal, during too time - duly removal is the best preventive maintenance of regeneration of good-quality formation in malignant. Removal should be spent only in conditions of medical institution! Self-treatment is inadmissible, as only the doctor can put the correct diagnosis and is qualitative remove a wart or mole. Attempts of independent elimination or without medical formation are capable to result not qualified intervention of people at the best - in repeated growth of formation, and in the worst - to its regeneration in a malignant tumour
Before operation the doctor will necessarily find out a kind of appearance, will define its innocent .

1. Electrocoagulation - removal is made by means of surgical coagululater with application of local anesthesia. To a thin metal loop the current of high frequency acts - it cuts off appearance and coagulate surrounding structures. Heating of structure occurs instantly is allows to avoid a bleeding and distribution of the cells infected by a virus to healthy . Due to the small size of a working loop probably accurate dot elimination even fine moles, warts and papillomas. The method of electrocoagulation, unlike laser destruction, allows to keep a deleted structures for the subsequent histologic research. After influence of a current the small crust which disappears on the average in 7 days is formed. On skin in some cases (after deep influence) remains a light, undistinguished flat scar *, therefore the method of electrocoagulation is used at elimination of appearance on the skin

2. Surgical method - it is required for removal of extensive good-quality formations , it is spent in conditions operational under local anesthesia, after operation intraskin cosmetic seams are imposed. Seams remove for 7 day. After treatment remains light thin (2-3 mm) flat scar.
* To make scars undistinguished use in the postoperative period (to destination the surgeon) special resolve a plaster on silicon basis. Carrying of a plaster proceeds 2-3 weeks, a plate reusable
All the removed skin formations without fail send on histologic research.


The crust 2 days is necessary for processing a solution diamond green or ointment with antibiotics
Do not wet a crust within 5 days and to use decorative cosmetics in a zone of operation
Do not delete violently crusts is can lead to formation rough scar
In solar weather it is necessary to protect a place of operation by a sun-protection cream with SPF 60-100 within 2 weeks, the young skin after crusts should be protected necessarily - preventive maintenance of occurrence proof pigmentary spots.

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