Friday, May 11, 2007

Chemical removingPigmentations (BLEMISHES)?

Whether it is possible to struggle with blemishes and, the main thing, this struggle to win? It is possible, but the result of application of any bleaching technique will depend, first of all, on a kind of pigmentation, the reason of its occurrence and an accessory of it. To undertake the aesthetic decision of a problem there is no sense if the reason is not removed, its caused. Sometimes undesirable pigmentation takes place independently after elimination of this reason, in other cases only light peeling means are required. Bleaching of the pigmentation, being a symptom of any disease of internal bodies, can appear absolutely waste of time and money, and also to cause development of serious complications. Therefore, before to buy bleaching cosmetics or to go on bleaching procedure, it is necessary to consult with the expert.
Among bleaching means is strong, but possessing undesirable collateral action (are possible allergic reaction, dermatity or infringements of pigmentation), and more safe, softly operating, but not giving so fast and expressed results. All of hyperpigmentation, irrespective of their kind, represent strengthening development of a pigment of melanin on the certain site of skin. Therefore an obligatory condition for carrying out of all bleaching procedures is reliable protection against ultra-violet beams. Ultra-violet beams of spectra and In essentially increase synthesis of melanin, and for prevention of occurrence and growth of pigmentary spots on a background of bleaching daily use of sun-protection means with a wide spectrum of action (the sun-protection factor (SPF) not less than 25) is necessary. Thus it is necessary to remember, that the maximal protection can be reached only use of special creams whereas the means of decorative cosmetics containing photofilters, are insufficiently effective.
Bleaching procedures include two basic elements - peeling a horn layer of the skin and reduction of producing of a pigment of melanin. Peeling the skin promotes of melanin from epidermis, that leads to clarification of pigmentary spots With this purpose various kinds of peelings are used. The choice of a peeling depends on a kind and expressiveness of hyperpigmentation. Earlier with this purpose used 20 %-s' salicylic spirit, mercury ointment, phenol. Now , for PEELING skin enter into structure of cosmetics a-hydroxy acids such as glicolic, citric acids ,lactic acids and others.
Ability to suppress produce of melanin a lot of various substances possesses. One of the most effective for today is gidrohinon. However it possesses also toxic action on cells of skin, therefore to apply it follows with care. More often in a cosmetic practice 1-2 % preparations gidrohinona are used, in some cases the increase in its concentration up to 4 % is supposed.
In bleaching cosmetic means can contain arbutin which in a plenty find out in leaves of a bearberry and some other plants. Kojevaja the acid not only reduces produce of melanin, but also is capable to peel skin, however its lack is allergenicity. Besides it for reduction of synthesis of melanin use the means containing ascorbic (vitamin C) and azelainovuju acids.

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