Friday, May 11, 2007

Released from spots for ever

It is necessary to remember, the heavy form when spots on the face are estimated in tens, arising in deep layers of skin, treatment by medical products is required. However such means should be used only after consultation of the expert.
Today there are many lotions and creamsfor skin care which give fast effect, but relieve from acne rashes only for short time. To cure this disease and to be released from spots for ever, it is necessary to apply special medical means. Recently has well proved not hormonal preparation on the basis of azelaic acids.
Cosmetics which included azelaic acids possesses antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiacne action, interferes with formation comedones, acting on the main parts of development acne. After treatment decrease thickness of a horn layer and growth of the pathogenic bacteria causing acne, - Propionibacterium acnes . Azelaic acids, reduce contents of free fat acids in lipids of skin , and also normalize the disturbed processes keratinization in grease follicles.

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