Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The substances most useful to a dry

The substances most useful to a dry skin have especially well proved to be so-called ceramids. It like oil the substances reminding natural fastening greasing between skin cells and very well filling its lack. Owing to it deduction of a moisture by a horn layer noticeably improves.
Well act on a dry skin creams with oil sasankua or other nonsaturated fat acids . They provide softness of a skin and the best moisture.
Sauna bath, hydrotic kinds of sports and navigation in the chlorinated water. Thus valuable protective substances are washed away, to fill which to a skin happens difficultly. To facilitate to it it, right after procedures it is necessary to put a thick layer of a fat humidifying cream or to make a mask - nutritious or humidifying. Special advice who likes navigations: before a jump in water apply in askin of the person, a neck and a decollete a water-resistant sun-protection cream. * Exfoliating, removing horn of skin, usually are not required at all.

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