Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dry skin care.

In a youth the dryskin proves to be from the best party: peach cheeks, thin times, absence of fat shine - here qualities of which it is necessary to dream only that who during puberty suffer with acne and spots.
But it is necessary to know these advantages, it becomes obvious by twenty five years. If behind a dry skin there was no appropriate leaving, lack of a moisture and fat will affect it very quickly : a skin will pull; spots, irritations and early wrinkles will urgently demand the cosmetic help.

The dry skin has not enough in the beginning fat, and then a moisture. In increase in dryness insufficient activity of sebaceous glands is guilty. They produce less fat, than it is required for formation of a natural protective cover. This film, natural "cream" from fat, sweat and humidifying substances, supports elasticity of a horn layer.
It does a skin by a rack against harmful external influences and protects first of all from drying. Till twenty years this lack is not swept up, but after twenty development of fat is more and more reduced. Natural skin fat - the best means for preservation of a moisture, therefore its lack there and then moisturising affect.
Horn cells become dry, shelled, their mutual communication weakens, and the moisture can easily evaporate. Harmful irritating substances also can get inside, therefore a dry skin becomes frequent painfully sensitive and more quickly grows old. Unfortunately, even the best leaving will not force languid sebaceous glands to develop some more fat.
They react to the certain hormonal signals under the plan incorporated in an organism genetically, and to affect it there is no opportunity. But correct leaving anyway can compensate what lacks a skin.

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