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Benzoyl peroxide( Clearasil-ultra, oxy-5, 10)

Benzoyl peroxide other
means from spots of modern local preparations for treatment аcne not so it is a lot of. We mean only those preparations, efficiency and which safety are proved. Therefore the modern medicine resolves their independent use for treatment of spots. They can be bought without the recipe.

Benzoyl peroxide
( Clearasil-ultra, oxy-5, 10)

Benzoyl peroxide (it Clearasil-ultra, oxy-5, 10 ) is used in treatment of acne many years. Action бензоил peroxide- it suppresses growth of bacteria, oxidizes and peels, interfering formation comedons. The polymeric complex in a preparation also absorbs skin oil. They can be bought without the recipe.

Preparations put on the skin or 2 times a day. Good effect it is possible to expect in 4 weeks after the beginning of use of a preparation, and proof improvement - in 3 months of treatment.

The basic by-effect benzoil peroxide is a dryness of skin . At strong dryness and a peeling humidify the skin with a low-fat cream. To begin use of a preparation it is possible, putting it for the night in day while the skin will not get used or to take smaller quantity of a preparation, to put its more thin layer.
The strong irritation of the skin, allergic reactions to a preparation (approximately in 3 % of cases), contact dermatitis are occasionally marked. Besides benzoyl peroxide bleaches hair and clothes. Let's a preparation dry up.
Now gel Baziron the EXPERT companies Galderma (France) is widespread. More often it is accessible in 5 % of concentration. The cream Clearasil Ultra English company Boots Healthcare contains 10 % benzoil peroxide.

Azelaic acid- has the complex mechanism of action - suppresses growth of bacteria and peels, weakens an inflammation. Besides it can weaken pigmentation of the skin acne that is useful for people with more dark skin and inclined to such reaction.
azelaic acid in the world is issued in the form of 15 % of gel and 20 % of creams by German firm Intendis. In some countries azelaic acid is released only under the recipe of the doctor. Gel which included azelaic acid put on the skin over again once a day - in the morning and for the night. In the beginning the feeling of irritation of skin possible, it is necessary to allow to it to get used.

Appreciable improvement it is possible to expect in 4 weeks of use of a preparation. Proof improvement it is observed in 6 months. Treatment can be continued within several years. The preparation is usually well transferred, collateral reactions happen seldom.

How them to use? At use of any preparations without recipe from acne it is necessaryto know: 1. Closely to read through the summary of a preparation and to follow its instructions
2. First to clear (to wipe and dry up the skin in a place of drawing
3. To put on all amazed area, instead of on separate eruption
4. To adhere to the recommended scheme of use

The same preparations the doctor can appoint a part of the complex scheme of treatment. In such cases observe its recommendations. Consult on it at arising questions, discuss results of treatment.

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